Origin visits Women in Georgian Regions, October 5-9, 2013






Together with our partner organisation in Estonia and Latvia, Origin Resource Centre was invited by Women in Georgian Regions (Ana Alaverdashvili) to discuss future co-operation. A memorandum for future co-operation was signed.

Organisation of Women in Georgian Regions:
The organisation has its head office in Tblisi with three board members; 500 women are members distributed over 40 regions (of totally 70 regions in Georgia); not all regions have their own office or leader)

Signing of memorandum
All three participating country organisations signed a memorandum of co-operation with Women in Georgian Regions.

The following places were visited:
Tblisi: National Museum, concert, Trinity cathedral, Armenian town, festival of Tblisi
Gurjaani, Kakhetie region: Grape picking and wine tasting at wine stock company
Sighnagi: museum, nunnery, market, Nana´s guest house, regional board member of Women in Georgian Regions
Tel Aviv: Al Chavchavadse museum, regional centre: meeting women entrepreneurs, meeting with Tinatin Javakhishvili, rector Telavi State University and board member of Women in Georgian Regions
Kvareli: museum, board member Leila´s home
Mtskhete: town from 2000 B.C.

Participants from Georgia:
Ana Alaverdashvili, mobile: +995 5 99 07 99 56, e-mail: wrgeorgia@gmail.com
Aino Kalandadze, phone 577-41-77-72 (English-speaking)
Tinatin Javakhsihvili, rector, Telavi State University, phone. 995 350273 264, cell: 995 599 580 998, e-mail: rector@tesau.edu.ge (English-speaking)
Nana Kohiashvili, director, Nana´s Guest House, mobile: (+995 577) 995 337, (+995 599) 795 093, (+995 0366) 231 829, e-mail: Kkshvi@yahoo.com (English-speaking)
George Pipia, mobile: +995 5 99 35 25 34 (English-speaking), <george_pipia@hotmail.com>

Particpants from Estonia:
Sirje Wällman, ETNA, sirje@fem.ee, +372 56920845
Elle Allik, PAIK, elle.allik@pandivere.eu, mobile +372 518 4953, +372 322 8448

Particpants from Latvia:
Inese Kurzemniece, Association of Rural Women in Latvia, Co-chairman of the Board, inese.kurzemniece@gmail.com
Maija Smite, Association of Rural Women in Latvia, milbo@inbox.lv, +37126426155